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I found your page on trapping squirrels on the internet and in consequence am writing you to find out the best way to keep squirrels away from my strawberries, blueberries, and tomatoes. Last year I lost everything to these rodents. Please any suggestions would be much appreciated. I live in Marietta, GA, if location has anything to do with the approach.

Thank you, P.M.

Squirrels can be a major pest around the home as they like to eat a wide range of food. Vegetable gardens can be amongst their favorites and nothing is more frustrating than watching them take your prize tomatoes. We also know birds, deer and even fox will readily eat your produce so there are a lot of obstacles trying to prevent us from enjoying what our gardens produce from year to year.

Though we have a few bad tasting sprays you can try to reduce the endless “chewing”, we’ve found the best option is the ANIMAL NETTING. Simply fitting some over the fruits or vegetables as they grow will afford plenty of protection. Usually the nuisance animals will move away seeking food elsewhere and your crop will be spared. More importantly, you won’t interfere with it’s development (the plant will still get plenty of sun).

Additionally, relocating some of the local squirrel population can really cut down on the pilfering. Remember, animals widen their choice of food based largely on local food supplies and how they relate to the total population. As shown in our SQUIRREL CONTROL ARTICLE, we have a wide range of live traps that are both easy to use and can last a long time. If nothing else, reducing local populations helps allow the other food choices around your home to better serve the squirrels still present.

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