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I have a hole in my cement slab in my house. It keeps getting bigger. I finally poured some hydraulic cement in it. Are there any animals that will eat or dig in the cement?
I live in the St. Louis area but in Illinois.
M. L.

There are many animals that can chew through cement. The most common include rats and mice. You don’t mention where the hole is being chewed so it’s hard for me to narrow down the options. Over the years I’ve seen rats, mice, raccoon, opossum, shrews, voles, moles, chipmunks, ground hogs, muskrat, otter and skunk chew through cement or forms thereof. I also know that just sealing the hole rarely does anything and in fact can make the problem worse. For this reason I’m not convinced you have “solved” anything at this time…

The reason why it can make it worse is because it’s not likely the animal will just move away after the hole is sealed. If the animal is nesting under the hole somewhere in the ground or a wall or some other space, it will simply find another place to chew through and you may not know where this new location is or it may not be as accessible as the one you know it liked to use. You see, when you have an exact location where such activity is present, dealing with the invader is easier since you know where it’s most active. For now, I would watch the area closely and if it’s out of the home, somewhere out in the yard, you could probably leave it sealed and hope the unwanted visitor just relocates. But if the hole was leading to your house, opening it back up might be needed at some point. By opening it back up, you could then identify something this animal wants to eat and once that’s been established, you could then use a trap to catch it. Again, knowing where it’s active and what it likes to eat are the two most important things when trying to trap any animal. And when there is an invasive animal (which we tend to see in the fall and winter months), using a trap of some sort is almost the best course of action to remove the invader.

Keep in mind that rats and mice are the most common animals that I have seen chewing through cement. They have fast growing teeth and like to trim them down by gnawing on most anything hard. And if you have pet food or bird seed in close proximity to where this is happening or even on your property, I would feel a rat or mouse is even more likely to be the culprit. As explained in our ROOF RAT CONTROL article, food is a strong motivator for these animals and they will readily chew through cement to get their meal!

If the problem persists or if it’s inside the home and you feel you need to take a more active approach to solving the mystery, give us a call on our toll free at 1.800.877.7290. One of our trained professionals will be able to further assist at that time.

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January 7, 2011

phyliss @ 2:43 pm #

The animals (rodents) are digging a hole in the cement floor in the garage and leaving a large pile of dirt behind. There is no food available for them. Whats the best way to get rid of them? Will they multiply in the spring?

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