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We get a lot of calls from customers who have bats in their attic. As explained in our BAT CONTROL ARTICLE, bats like to roost where it’s both warm and protected. The average attic is an ideal location for this roosting. Bats can gain access to most any attic through gable vents, around gutters and soffits as well as under siding that’s separating or warping. It doesn’t take a big space for them to fit through and once inside, they’ll typically hang from the rafters throughout the day. During this time their guano (bat droppings or bat poo) will fall below. This will be the upper most ceiling of the home and with all of it accumulating up there it won’t be long till some starts to leak through. It’s at this time most homeowners discover they have a problem and will venture upstairs to their attic. What they find is depicted in the photo’s below. These photo’s do a great job of showing just how much guano can accumulate in the attic. You’ll also note the droppings will be dispersed throughout the attic and you can rest assured they present a big bio hazard and must be removed.

As seen in the photo’s above, bats left alone in the attic will make a mess and can create a major bio hazard that must be removed. The cleanout process must be done with the proper safety equipment and the area must be sanitized afterward to insure bacteria and other micro organism’s are dispsersed. Bat guano is strong smelling and besides using the proper cleaning compounds to remove the hazard, the bat dropping odor must be removed. Our Bat Control Article features all the safety equipment and cleaning products needed to perform this job along with the equipment needed to keep them out and prevent further invasions. Here are direct links to the article and the bat control products:

Bat Control Article:

Bat Control Products:

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