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I’ve been attacked for the past week in my yard by little biting gnats. I don’t know what they are but when they bite, they hurt. Is there any spray I can use to get rid of them? My yard is small and should be easy to spray.

There are several pests commonly found around the yard which people refer to as gnats. The short list includes thrips, mosquitoes, midges and biting flies. Most all can live and breed in the grass so a good place to start any treatment program would be in the turf as well as any vegetation like ground cover and mulch islands where other shrubs might be growing. Most all of these insects can thrive in these areas so treating as many as possible is always smart to do.

If the yard is small, one of the easiest materials to use would be the CYONARA RTS or the organic MOSQUITO KILLER RTS. Cyonara will last 2 weeks or more per treatment and is effective on a wide range of pests. It comes with a handy hose end sprayer so you only have to hook it up to the garden hose and get to work with no mixing needed. The Mosquito Killer is packaged the same. But it’s certified for organic gardening so it’s not as strong and won’t last as long. Expect to treat every 1-2 weeks with this material but it can be sprayed on everything including any vegetable gardens that are close by.

If you learn the biting gnats may be living in a bigger area, consider one of the Foggers featured in our MOSQUITO CONTROL ARTICLE. These will be a lot easier to use for large areas and over time will use less chemical so they’ll pay for themselves.

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