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I have noticed this fast moving little white bug first on the window sills and now they are on our wooden furniture. I have been trying to find out and searched all over google but just can not seem to pin point it. The first time I seen them I was opening the windows on a hot day about lunch time they are really really fast and I’m just not sure if I should be worried? Hope you can help. Thanks.

Being worried won’t help or hurt the cause but if you want to do something constructive to reduce their population, a quick treatment with some PHANTOM will no doubt take care of whatever it might be. Odorless and dry to the touch when applied to most any surface, I’m using it on hardwood floors and the deck of my boat without any impact so you can’t tell it’s even been applied. I have a problem with a wide range of pests in these areas and the Phantom does the job. It’s odorless and will last a month or more. It controls just about any pest and is good for treating areas where traditional liquid sprays are a bit messy.

Another product I like to use from time to time is the water based AQUACIDE. It uses an active which is repellent to pests so if these guys were coming from some other location over and over, the Aquacide would help to keep them away.

As for what you have that’s active is anyone’s guess. It could be aphids, psocids, thrips or some kind of molting insect giving them a white hue or color. And based on what’s happened so far, it would appear that if you don’t do something they’ll continue to thrive and migrate into the home. For this reason alone it would be worth doing something now before the problem gets any worse.

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