good marmot bait or lure for trapping


What is a good food bait or lure to use for marmots?

Marmots feed mostly on greens and small insects. We have had good success with our leafy and green WOODCHUCK FOOD BAIT. Use the WOODCHUCK TRAILING SCENT to lure the marmots in by creating a scent trail that leads to your trap. Another strong lure is the GROUNDGRUBS.

Trap wise, don’t use anything smaller than a 7x8x24 LIVE TRAP. The 11x12x30 is ideal as is the 11x12x30RD.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Woodchuck Bait:

Woodchuck Trailing Scent:

Grub Bait:


LT 11x12x30:

LT 11x12x30RD:

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