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Can you help me get rid of cutter bees? I thought maybe there was a plant of something that would repel them. Every year we spend lots of money, for us, on flowers and every year these bees chew holes in them. If you can help I would appreciate it immensely.

This is an easy one. Cutter Bees will be very active in the spring and though in general they serve a beneficial role in nature, they can be quite destructive once they target a specific plant or flower bed like it sounds is happening at your house. To stop them, you should apply some VEGETABLES PLUS PERM to every plant you want to protect. This product will both repel them and kill them if they persist. In general these bees are smart enough to avoid the treated area and will stay away once you spray. Expect to treat once every 1-2 weeks at the start of the season and then less frequently as the warm season moves along.

Alternatively you can opt for the organic solution which is NBS INSECT REPELLENT. This product can be mixed with water too and sprayed to the home or nearby flowers. It won't kill anything but instead will act as a natural repellent. Bees don't like it either and will avoid where it's been applied.

Use a GOOD PUMP SPRAYER to apply either and you should be able to protect anything in your landscape using this approach.

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