Springtail picture?


I need an expert opinion….

Referring to picture that is attached, it looks as though this is a springtail.  These things jump like fleas but turn to dust when you crush them.  I have seen approx. 30-50 at night right inside the sliding door to our concrete slab patio.

I see onesies and twosies in the sinks and in the tubs.  Should I assume that they are nesting under the concrete patio? or possibly in the walls?  There is not really any abnormal moisture other than the typical 70%-90% humidity here in VA.  I would like to purchase some of your products to get rid of these pest.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Springtails for sure. If you’ve read through our SPRINGTAIL CONTROL ARTICLE, you know what must be done. Focus on the outside for the best long term results and though you’re seeing a lot on top of the patio slab, the real problem is in the soil.

Springtail Control Article:  http://www.bugspray.net/blog/springtail-infestations-and-where-to-treat.html

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