bomb for carpet beetles


Do you have a “bomb” product for carpet beetles?

In times past, I had a service who used a chrsytum (sorry, this is a flower and I don’t know how to spell it) spray.

I want something non poisionus to pets and humans, also plants.

thanks for  your consideration and please do not give or sell my email address to anyone else.  thanks.

As a general rule, bug bombs don’t do well at solving pest problems. They spew chemical all over and 99.9% of the chemical ends up in places where the target pest isn’t even present. Additionally, there are many pests which do a good job avoiding the aerosol altogether because they like to hide in cracks and crevices. Many can sense the treatment coming and will avoid it altogether by hiding. Carpet beetles are one of these pests.

To solve a carpet beetle problem, your best chance of success will be to incorporate the products we have listed in our CARPET BEETLE CONTROL ARTICLE. The sprays listed are about the best you can find and as the article explains, it will still take some time to break their cycle. This is due to the fact that carpet beetles are many times well hidden and protected making it extra hard to reach their core nest sites. Additionally, using a product with long term residual action is almost a necessity as they’re slow moving and may take weeks to move over a treated area. This means the longer something can last after it’s applied, the better the chances are you’ll affect the targeted pest.

As for the “bombs” you asked about in your message; I suspect they had pyrethrin as the active which is a natural derivative of the chrysanthemum plant. These used to be quite popular in the 80’s and 90’s  but this is no longer the case. Recent supply issues for the chrysanthemum plant have dramatically reduced the amount of pyrethrin commonly available. Additionally, the ineffective delivery and format of total release aerosols have caused their own demise so they’re simply not that common these days. On top of this, the pyrethrin that can be found is very expensive and there so many other less costly actives available which work better that most manufacturers have opted for a cheaper alternative.

However, there is one product that’s close to what you probably had which you might be interested in using. It has pyrethrin as the active but instead of coming in a total release bomb, it instead must be sprayed out over the carpet and floor much like you would spray hairspray. The product is known as PT PI and can be seen here:

The label can be seen here:

If you read the label you’ll see it cites carpet beetles at the rate of 10 seconds per 100 sq/ft which would be floor space that measures 10 feet by 10 feet. I think this would be your best chance of finding a product similar to what you used to have applied that will work. Just make sure and to use it frequently enough as it won’t leave much of a residual. And explained above, it’s important to have enough active around if you wish to break the carpet beetle cycle.

Here is a direct link to the article mentioned above.

Hope this helps!


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