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I have bugs eating my strawberry plants but I don’t know what they might be. I haven’t been able to find any active during the day and not I’m thinking they might be feeding at night. Are there nocturnal pests for strawberries? They don’t seem to be targeting the berries like they seem to want to leaves. Is there one spray that might cover all pests?

Unfortunately there are a lot of bugs that like strawberry plants. Pillbugs, cucumber beetles, all kinds of worms and caterpillars as well as slugs just to name a few. Since you don’t know for sure what’s eating them, I’d say to start with something like BT GARDEN DUST. It uses a strain of bacteria which insects cannot handle. Once they eat it they’ll die. Since whatever is eating your plants seems to be focusing in on the plant itself, treating it with BT would be effective.

If you prefer to spray, the MULTI PURPOSE INSECT KILLER is highly effective on a wide range of insects and will definitely help. Treat as needed; expect this to be 1-2 a week. Also, be sure to spray down low, under the plants and in the turf, all around the garden. This will insure you get anything that might be living in the area and hiding during the day.

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