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I can hear a buzzing and scratching sound coming from the veiling near the attic of my house. I have not seen any bee activity outside my house so I’m not sure it’s a bee or wasp problem. I am hesitant to go into my attic but I am willing to attempt some kind of control if I have the proper “weapons”. In such a hard to reach spot is it recommended that I drill a small hole where I hear the sound and inject dust or is there another approach?

Ideally it is always wise to first identify what might be causing the buzzing and scratching sound so you can best equip yourself with the right chemical. Since you don’t see anything coming or going outside, this might be a challenge. Since several pests like OLD HOUSE BORERS or CARPENTER ANTS can make quite a bit of noise, there are other insects that could be causing these sounds as well as some animals. That being said, the use of a dust like DE DUST would take care of any insect that might be involved. You would need to apply it with a HAND DUSTER and though this would quickly kill any that are where you treat, should there be more nests around the home you will have to treat them all separately to get them eliminated.

If there is anyway of inspecting the area from the inside, I suggest you try. This might reveal some more information that you cannot see from the outside. Droppings or visible damage to the structure could prove helpful in learning what the cause might be. Since several animals including ROOF RATS and SQUIRRELS commonly gnaw on wood, they cannot be ruled out till more information is gathered.

In summary, the dusting would work on 90%+ of the insect problems you might have. Most any animal problem will probably need a different method of control but without any more information, it’s near to impossible for us to further assist. If you care to talk to one of our technical reps, give us a call on our toll free at 1.800.877.7290.

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