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Thank you for your informative information regarding those pesky horrible chiggers.  My husband & I live in the mountains in Ellijay are are plagued by chiggers.  I walk my 2 dogs daily along a gravel road and I’m very careful not to even go near the edge of the road.  I spray myself with “Repel” before walking.  I have been bitten by more that a dozen chiggers and I am nor near to any plant life.  When we are outside on the porch and/or deck, not even close to any plant life and get bitten also….  Help!!!  Can our 2 dogs carry chiggers then bring them in the house and chiggers then end upon us???  We have flowers and  small vegetable garden pots on our deck, can chiggers be on the vegetation??? Thank you so much for your time.  We love the north GA woods but these chiggers are nearly driving us crazy.

Dogs can carry chiggers inside the home after walking outside. They can also carry ticks, fleas and many pests so this is just one more reason to be extra careful when going afield where such nuisance insects are active.

Chiggers can reside in most any vegetation so yes, they could be in the garden pots of your deck. That being said, I wouldn’t expect that to be a hotspot or problem location. It’s more likely to find them out in the yard somewhere opposed to a deck; why do you think they might be there?

Keep in mind a good practice to consider is to treat the pet prior to going out. This can be done with several products. For ticks, fleas, chiggers, biting flies and other common summertime pests, we have found the PETCOR PET SPRAY is ideal. It works fast providing a quick kill of any that might be on the pet and it repels nuisance insects too. If the pet has tender skin, the WATER BASED PET SPRAY may be the better choice. It’s gentler and consequently not as long lasting but it will keep chiggers as well as several other pests off the pets. Keeping them pest free will greatly reduce the likelihood that any will be brought back to the home via the pet.

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