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Hey–I’ve been looking through your website and would like some advice on some guano cleanup if you wouldn’t mind. We purchased an old stone home right on the Mississippi River, and when we tore out the ceilings found that hundreds of bats have lived there for what looked like forever. We have everything taken down to the studs and visually cleaned, but would you suggest Rough’N Ready or NNZ to get rid of the smell and disenfect? Or something else all together?
Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

Bat guano cleanup should be done with care since there is potential for all kinds of bacteria and other contaminates to run amok once disturbed. I would leave the area alone till you are properly equipped with protective safety equipment and cleaning compounds.

First, I would suggest the use of a good DISPOSABLE COVERALL which you can see in our SAFETY EQUIPMENT section. I would say SURGICAL GLOVES would be smart to wear along with a DISPOSABLE RESPIRATOR and some eye protection like SAFETY GOGGLES.

Once you are properly protected, the bulk of the droppings and other material can be removed. This will probably include “parts” of the ceiling like insulation or anything loose and contaminated. Sheetrock and other cosmetic parts should be removed too leaving only what is necessary for the structural integrity of the house.

Once the area is empty and accessible, spray or fog with the ROUGH’N READY. This will neutralize bacteria and other contaminates. Allow the treatment to dry at least 12 hours and if it was really bad, I would treat again. After two treatments and at least 24 hours of “cure” time, some NNZ applied to the same area should remove most if not all of the smell. I would do a second treatment with the NNZ in 48 hours just to be sure if the area was bad. Good luck!!

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