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I’m a mad fisherman and would like to know how to breed maggots for fishing?

Maggots for bait? Most people call us looking to learn how to get rid of maggots! In fact, our MAGGOT CONTROL ARTICLE is quite popular – especially when it’s warm and flies are active. It’s during this time they routinely find their way inside homes where they lay eggs and cause all kinds of problems with maggot infestations. Since you’re inquiring about maggots for bait, I’m sure this type of maggot problem would be welcomed! With that in mind, it’s pretty easy to start breeding maggots. All you need is a little “bait” and off you go!

First, place some your “maggot bait” outside, in the open air, where you know flies are active. If you are unsure flies are present in the region, place the bait out in the middle of the day, under direct sunshine, where you’ll be able to inspect it every 15-30 minutes.  Once set out, the bait should attract flies pretty quickly. There are many species of flies which find most any carrion attractive. Carrion is basically any kind of dead animal meat. A good carrion based bait to use would include chopped beef, chicken, fish or any other table scrap. Local road kill will work great too! In some areas you may need to protect the bait from unwanted visitors by placing it in a cup or plate and suspending it in the air. Hang it from a tree limb or wire and keep it high enough so local predators won’t be able to find it easily. Be sure to keep the placement easy to inspect and monitor it regularly so any insect activity is easy to see once it starts to happen.

Once you know for sure flies are active in your region, you can then set out more of this bait once again making the placement where only your target insect will have access. If placed correctly, your bait should attract plenty of flies within 1 to 2 days. These foraging flies will mate and lay eggs which in turn will hatch your harvest. As maggots start to hatch, you’ll be able to harvest some daily until the bait runs out. There are many species of flies which will find protein-based bait attractive including houseflies, blow flies, flesh flies and face flies. Regardless of the species, their offspring (maggots) will all look and work the same when used as fish bait.

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