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Hi I called you today and you told me that the best two products to get for my pantry weevils were the D-Force Aerosol spray and the pheromone traps set, which I will be ordering later this afternoon when I can. However I had another question for you regarding cleaning…

I will be cleaning the shelves as well as having to wipe off all the remaining food that doesn’t get thrown away (canned goods and other items I know the weevils could not have possibly gotten in to but may have laid eggs on). What cleaning products do you recommend for that that won’t be poisonous, considering these are food products? Do you sell any, and if so what are they? I’d like to include those in my order. Thanks, K.M.

As our online WEEVIL CONTROL article details, getting the source of the problem removed from your house is paramount to achieving long term control of this pest. In most cases, the treatment program will involve removing everything from the infested cabinets and other areas of the house which show activity. Stored food products packaged in boxes or bags can easily sustain weevils so unless you are 100% sure there is nothing living on or in the item, it should be discarded. Canned goods and glass jars which are sealed tight can be saved; for the most part you are right in thinking this pest cannon penetrate the container so there is no reason to get rid of anything sealed the way a can or glass jar is sealed. You are also right in thinking these same containers may host eggs from adult weevils which down the road could present a problem if left to develop.

To take care of these eggs, it would be best to simply wash down any cans and/or jars you intend on keeping. There is no need to use any type of cleaner for this job; a good washing in the kitchen sink should remove eggs that may be hiding up under the edges of any can or lid on any jar.

Once cleaned, these items should be set aside, out of the cabinets about to be treated, and allowed to dry. At this time you should give the cabinets a good cleaning prior to treating. A good vacuuming will really help too and we strongly suggest doing this first. Once prepared, treat with either the D-FORCE or PT-CYKICK aerosol. Both products work well; the D-Force is a bit stronger and has more of an odor. Allow treated areas to dry and a day later go ahead and get some PANTRY WEEVIL TRAPS installed. At this time you can go ahead and restock the pantry with cans, jars and other items removed prior to the cleaning and treatments. If you successfully removed all contaminated foodstuff, your problem should mostly be controlled at this time. Any missed pupae or eggs should be captured by the traps or killed by the residual left following the aerosol treatment. If you have futher questions, please give us a call at 1.800.877.7290.

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