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We  have a chipmunk problem in our surban neighborhood.  I have reviewed your products and was wondering if the coyote urine would attract other coyotes. We know that deer urine is used here in NYS to attract deer to hunters.  Please respond.

Using deer urine when hunting is most commonly done so hunters can mask their own human scent. More expensive deer urine is sold which claims to be released by female deer in estrus which has additional benefit. To other does such urine doesn’t much matter; they’ll probably feel comfortable around the scent as if it was any other deer urine. This would work to the hunters advantage. But doe urine released by does in heat contains certain pheromones which is a sort of “bell” or “whistle” to help lure male deer to them. This pheromone is supposed to be natures signal that a doe is ready to mate and will be “receptive” to a male deers advances. Since most hunters are targeting male deer, the use of “doe in heat urine” is a common practice. It’s also the reason why so many people believe any animal urine is likely to attract that particular species of animal to where the urine is applied. This is far from the truth.

COYOTE URINE is commonly used as a scent to alert or repel nuisance wildlife like rabbit, squirrels, ground hogs or chipmunks. This urine is almost always collected from males and if female urine is used, any that are in heat are ignored and intentionally not used. For this reason coyote urine will not attract other coyotes. In fact, it mostly has the other impact; urine in the wild serves as a “marker” or “territory border” designed to alert other coyote to stay away. So the use of coyote urine on your property will tend to repel nuisance coyote, small wildlife and even stray dogs or cats. It won’t much affect pets that live or reside on the land since they instinctively know this is “their land” but other animals from the neighborhood will probably tend to stay away from where it’s been applied.

I recommend COYOTE URINE or RED FOX URINE along with some of the other repellents we have listed in our CHIPMUNK CONTROL article to help keep this nuisance animal off your property. Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Coyote Urine:

Red Fox Urine:


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