coyote urine for repelling squirrels


HI, my name is Ben, I work in CA. I just ordered some traps from you, and I looked at your catalog. I would like more information on coyote urine. We have a pretty bad squirrels infestation on some of our fields. I really appreciate your input.

There is no doubt you could use some COYOTE URINE for repelling squirrels. It seems to work better for foraging and migrating ground squirrels as explained in our GROUND SQUIRREL CONTROL article. But if you’re talking about large fields, I’m not sure you could use it efficiently if the squirrels might be able to gain access from many different sides. For the average homeowner, using is urine is affordable and practical. But for a farmer with hundreds of acres, I don’t think repelling them will be an option.

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