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Can Deer Away be sprayed on a lawn?

It can. As explained in our DEER CONTROL ARTICLE, deer will sometimes find most any plant in the yard desirable. This includes grass. For those of us who like to grow thick, lush turf grass the thought of the local deer population grazing it out can be quite horrifying. In fact they can do substantial damage when conditions are right. To chase them off your property, the spraying of a bad tasting agent is one option that can work.

In our article you’ll see many productive deer repelling devices. One of them is DEER AWAY. This bad tasting spray can be applied to most any plant, shrub or tree in the yard and treatments can last many weeks. I have used it for both deer and rabbit and found it kept them off my Fescue for good. It took three treatments over a 2 month period and after the third treatment, I didn’t find any new activity since. I do expect them to come back some day and if not the same deer, some others since our local herd is constantly growing. But when they do, I’ll treat some more to minimize the damage.

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