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Sir, I have my large live trap’s. What I need is what would be my best bait. Other than my old house cat. We have chicken’s but in my yard I have a hill side I see the fox’s at night. I could make a live cage to add to my trap but I don’t think my sister-in-law would like her live chick being used as bait. Is there some thing else. I have heard of Bacon fat or a dead critter? If you don’t mine please let me know which bait I can use. Thank you. FWC.

As our online article on HOW TO TRAP A FOX explains, FOX LURES really only work well for leg hold type trap sets. When live trapping, you’ll need live bait. With the use of our BAIT CAGE configured inside a live trap at least as large as our LT152248RD, you will have a set that we know will work. Unfortunately, we’ve not heard of anyone using dead bait or just meat as bait successfully. Yes it can work but it’s not nearly as productive as live bait. We know this because over the years we’ve heard from many, many people reporting this exact sequence of results: meat didn’t work but when I changed to a live animal, immediately I got the fox….

With that being said, I would say to consider someting other than your sister-in-laws chickens for bait. Any bird will do as will a rabbit, rat, squirrel or other small critter. We have many people get one of our small LTGREEN5516 trap for this use. They’ll set it out in their yard, trap a squirrel and use it for bait. Squirrels are excellent for bait and they are easy to catch. The point is the fox you are seeing is too smart to enter a trap with just some old food in it. Give him something that takes advantage of his instinctive nature to hunt and you’ll be able to fool him much easier.

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I used eggs, berries, and meat to catch a fox but all i can catch are unwanted ground hogs and other rodent. I was wonder how you would keep live bait in a trap without it sending it off or getting away. What would be the best bait anyway?

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