globular stink bug also known as kudzu bug


The little brown beetle we’ve been getting calls about is now in the news. Apparently it’s been found invading several homes and technically is known as the Globular Stink Bug so it’s not really a beetle at all. Native to Asia, this pest undoubtedly found it’s way to the States along all the Kudzu we brought many years ago. Also known as the bean beetle and the Kudzu Bug, globular stink bugs like to feed on Kudzu during the spring and summer. In the fall, they’ll start seeking a safe place to stay for the upcoming winter. During this time they can become an invasive insect. Our recommendation is to treat the outside of the home with CYPERMETHRIN and PT CYKICK for cracks and crevices on the inside. Organic treatment options include the BUG PATROL for the home and the HOUSE PLANT INSECT KILLER for inside. More details can be found in our LITTLE BROWN BEETLE post.

You can also find some information posted on the WSBTV based in Atlanta via this link:

Close up video of this bug can be seen below.

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July 19, 2010

Jill Friends @ 12:25 am #

My step-father had to be treated in the ER because of an extreme allergic reaction to these bugs. This is a man that spends 75% of his days outside around an assortment of all kinds of insects. His symptoms were redness all over his body, swelling of the feet, hands, and tongue, and loss of sensation in his feet and tongue. It came on so suddenly that he barely made it inside before laying on the floor due to weakness. He was successfully treated and was back to normal the next day but they prescibed an epi-pen b/c the doctor warned that if it happened again, the symptoms could be a lot worse. People need to know that this is NOT just a little harmless bug.

April 5, 2011

Virginia @ 1:39 pm #

Filthy creatures are eating my WISTERIA and moving on to the lady banks roses! Kill them I say KILL THEM ALL! (and they do smell).

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