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We have a horse and a few cows.What would you recommend for controlling the gnats. We have a 25 acre farm and they are the worst I have ever seen them. Thanks.

Gnats can be persistent and in certain years – especially when there is a good amount of moisture around – they can be relentless at times. I’m guessing the cycle is hitting a high right now with all the recent rains so what you’re seeing is not a surprise. I suggest you start treating with some of the products we have listed in our GNAT CONTROL ARTICLE. If you get them where they’re nesting you’ll break the cycle. For the cows and horses, treat them with the PERMETHRIN 10 we have listed and you’ll provide them some much needed relief.

If you intend on treating grass or hay they might be eating, you have two product choices that will be safe to use. VEGETABLES PLUS is a Permethrin based spray that has a 7 days to harvest guideline for people. Follow this for horses and other livestock and they won’t be put to any undue risk. The EXCITER PYRETHRIN could be used instead of the Permethrin; it has no residual and livestock would have safe access to treated areas within one day of the area being treated.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Gnat Control Article:

Permethrin 10:

Vegetables Plus:


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