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When is the best time of the year to apply the Grubz Out product?

I live in the piedmont of Virginia.  Last year the moles were very heavy in our lawn.  I want to reduce their food source as one means of deterrent.

I also have the castrol oil granules product,  but I think that can be applied any time through out the year, please correct me if I am wrong.

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If you take some time to review our GRUB CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn they are active throughout the year. Winter and spring they are quite high “up in the dirt” and therefore more vulnerable. Treatments made anytime from Oct-May are particularly effective and I have found that one done every fall and then again in the spring keeps my yard grub free. I like the GRUB FREE and use it at least once followed by a treatment with the BIFEN G or CYFLUTHRIN G.

If you have an ongoing problem with grubs and some kind of predator like moles or voles in the yard, I’d consider treating at least four times a year till it’s resolved. In some cases, even 6 times. Once you feel the problem is under control, you can scale it back to three and then ultimately maybe just twice a yea to make sure they don’t return.

I also recommend you do a soil PH test if you haven’t done so recently. As explained in our SOIL PH CONTROL ARTICLE, failure to keep the PH in check will cause all kinds of problems with one of the more common being insect infestation along with a hard time controlling them.

Here are direct links to the information mentioned above:

Grub Control:

Grub Free:

Bifen G:

Cyfluthrin G:

Soil PH:


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March 17, 2011

guest @ 12:24 pm #


My name is Ron, I live in Warren, Michigan. I have a grub problem that was
discovered at the end of September, 2010. I had a treatment done by Chemlawn,
but don’t feel confident in what they are doing to control\eliminate the
problem. I’ve look at your article on grub control, and selected to use
Cyfluthrin granules with one of your liquids Lamda-Cyhalothrin. My question is
when should I start the treatments?

Any advice would be helpful.


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