how to treat boxelder bugs on house siding


I have been seeing a bunch of what I think are boxelder bugs on the back side of my house. I just took a photo of them from this morning. They hang out in groups and it looks like they’re trying to get warm. They especially like being around my deck light and the door to my breakfast room. What do can I do to get them off my house?


Right now boxelder bugs are starting to feel the cold and will seek a warm place to spend the night. If you read our BOXELDER BUG CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll learn they can become a real problem if left to do as they want. I suggest you treat now with some CYPERMETHRIN so they don’t have a chance to infest the home.

Star by spraying the entire backside of the home on the siding. This should take care of the current activity and the treatment will last a good 2-4 weeks. Be sure to inspect around the home for any other nest locations and take care of them as they appear. Hopefully this is the first time they’ve tried to move into your house and you won’t have a major problem develop. Only time will tell for sure but if you do start seeing them inside, you’ll need to treat as our article explains.

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