cricket and slug infestation


I have a really bad cricket (mostly camel but I think every possible cricket) and slug problem.

Is the Niban good to treat both?

I also have many, many cats. Inside and out side cats are every where…we feed them so I guess they are not a problem.
Is this about the safest treatment to use? I know the slug pellets are tried and true but I am very afraid that I will kill my cat or a neighbors dog. And the mud and fence do not seem to be practical for my problem.

What are your thoughts on this? Would I be better off getting a professional? Things are tough and I would rather do it myself…but I have thrown a lot of money away doing this. I really feel I am following all the instructions but I guess I am to old and fat to get to every little spot.

The cricket problem is due to a crawl space that is directly under a small bathroom. I have looked for leaks in the drain pipes but I guess the steam and condensation is enough moisture to make a nice home for them.

Of course we have many flowers and plants to feed the slugs…and they love the cat chow we leave out for the ferral cats. We have a lot of deck area (some is almost imposable to get under anless you can drop something through the cracks or spray…of course the slugs and cats can get under with no problem.

People should give this lots of thought when they build homes and things…but it is hard to think 20 years and more down the road.

You have a very nice web site and seems to be easy to follow. I am still from the old school (50 y/o) and like a human touch. At least with email I will not bother you with a phone call.

You are welcome to call me as I would rather place an order this way.

Thank You I enjoyed your web site.

To start, NIBAN will not control both pests. But it’s safe enough to use both in the crawl space under the bathroom as well as in the living spaces where you’re finding the crickets. This time of year they tend to come inside attracted to the warmth as explained in our CAMEL CRICKET CONTROL ARTICLE. A combination of the Niban and some CRICKET TRAPS should really help.

As for the slugs; there are two choices here. I fully understand your concern using bait as the old formulations were a risk to mammals including wildlife and pets. But the newer formulations use different actives which are quite safe. One of the best is the SLUGGO which can even be used in vegetable gardens. I recommend going with this throughout the areas where you see slug activity. Now if you’re completely against using bait you’ll have no choice but to set out SLUG TRAPS in these same areas. No doubt these will collect some and if you place them in strategic locations, you can significantly reduce the local population. By watching where they travel and congregate, you should be able to figure out where to best set them out and even just the traps can control a slug infestation if enough are used in the right locations.

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