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I have a Moose mount that these little moths are starting to feed on. I want to kill them all. What is the best way to do this?

Animal mounts such as deer, birds and moose will attract a wide range of pests that target animal hair or skin. Liquid treating the mount is not practical but there are two aerosol products that will provide immediate and long term control of this insect. Without knowing the exact species, it’s hard for me to say what their life cycle/expectancy is in time but most cases will involve a four stage progression. This starts with eggs that will hatch out larvae. These tiny little worms are what do all the damage. They’ll eat animal fur and skin and once they get their fill, they spin a cocoon in which they mature to the moths you’ll find flying around the home. The moths don’t do any damage; they only want to mate and lay eggs on a suitable food source. Though the moose head seems like a logical place on which to lay eggs, no doubt some will be laid elsewhere in the home leading to more of a problem as the infestation spreads. At this point I recommend doing a thorough inspection of the home to make sure they haven’t spread to other animal mounts you might have, furniture, carpeting, etc. Any active sites should be treated and depending on where you find them, the treatment options will vary.

For small areas like the moose head, a combination of PERMETHRIN AEROSOL and GENTROL AEROSOL will work well. The Permethrin will kill active larvae and adults but it only lasts a week or two. Since it can’t kill eggs, treat with the Gentrol which is nothing more than a growth hormone. It can last several months and during this time it will actively prevent larvae from developing properly. This will effectively break the life cycle of the pest. I would recommend treating all animal mounts you have as well to insure they don’t have any activity you’re missing. Spraying these are easy and will only take a couple of seconds to get them covered so there is no need to over do the spraying.

If you find a piece of furniture with activity, this aerosol treating can be used there as well. But if you have several pieces with activity or carpeting that shows signs of insects, consider getting some PERMETHRIN 10 and IGR. Mix these two in a PUMP SPRAYER and use this liquid solution for large areas. It will prove more cost effective to apply and is better suited for big treatments. 1-2 applications of either the aerosol’s or liquids should control the current infestation and after that, treating 1-2 year with just the Gentrol or IGR will prevent future problems.

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Permethrin Aerosol:

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Permethrin 10:


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Just found moths and something else eating the hair off of our mounts. Please e-mail me back with a solution for this. Thanks

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