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I have a large screened-in back porch with 20/20 insect screening.  I also live on a canal in Florida so no-see-ums are a problem especially in this area.  The area is sprayed by plane every week or so.

I was wondering if I can spray a product on my screening because some still get through and during the season when we-re not air conditioning I would like to open the doors to my house from the back porch.  Is there a product I could spray on that would have some residual?  If there is such a product would it be sprayed on the inside or outside of the screening?

If you read through our NOSEEUM CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll see we have several concentrates that can be used in and around the home for noseeum’s. Some of these products can last a week or two or even longer.

In fact over the years, we’ve had many people treat screens with PERMETHRIN and they’ve found the treatment can last at least a couple of weeks. Mixing 4 oz in a gallon of water, you just need to use a paint brush or large sponge to dab it onto any surface you want to protect.





When treating, the easy way is to spray it on using any standard PUMP SPRAYER.





But in some cases this causes a mess on the house depending on the sprayer you have and the kind finish on the home. If this is an issue, you might consider removing the screens and either soaking them in a finished solution or laying them out on the lawn and spraying them down while off the house. Allow them to dry for 30-60 minutes following the treatment and they can be reinstalled without making a mess.

Here is a link to our Noseeum article for more info if needed:

Noseeum Control Article:


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