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we don’t know where they are coming from but we have a bad infestation of maggots.We sweep them up and then that night we have them back again. We got a puppy that had a real bad case of fleas. Could that cause it?  We have them in four rooms and one of them is carpet.  How do we get rid of maggots? thank you

The best way to get rid of maggots is to treat as described in our MAGGOT CONTROL ARTICLE. The Permethrin will offer quick control and lasting residual. It will also control fleas should they pose a problem via the new puppy. Keep a can of the D-FORCE AEROSOL around for use on any activity you find after you do a good spraying.

Getting rid of maggots will be best achieved if you are able to find their source but sometimes this isn’t so easy so don’t fret. The Permethrin will offer protection in such a case and should kill them as they crawl over treated surfaces. It’s odorless and safe to be sprayed over the carpeting so it’s perfect for sensitive areas like where your children and pets are active.

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May 28, 2010

its too gross @ 10:02 am #

I have maggots in my room and i dont know where they are coming from. I have cleaned my room, swept, and mopped! nothing is working! I have moved all of my furniture 3 times and i still can not find anything!

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