insects eating strawberries


I have something eating my strawberries and I think it’s an insect. Whatever it is seems to like the whole plant and they’re not just targeting the fruit. I have leaves, stems and some young fruit partially eaten and the damage isn’t happening fast so I know it’s not an animal. What can I spray to stop them?

There are many insects and some animals that will target strawberry plants. Based on the slow damage and the fact that the whole plant is being eaten, it does sound an insect and not an animal doing the damage. Common culprits this time of year include pill bugs, cucumber beetles and slugs.

If you prefer a completely organic solution, go with the INSECTICIDAL SOAP. It won’t provide any residual but it’s all natural and organic so it poses no risk to the plant or the people eating the fruits of your harvest. If you find damage is still happening daily, you’ll need to apply some of the VEGETABLES PLUS. It’s labeled for use on fruits and vegetables and provides a good week of protection so I’m sure it will get whatever is doing the damage.

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