how to eliminate lizards from patio


I am trying to eliminate lizards from my yard and patio.  I have small dogs, so whatever I use needs to be safe for them.

Is the D-Force Aerosol safe for pets?

Is the Eco Exempt KO Contact Aerosol as effective as the D-Force?

How often do I need to treat with these products?


Both the D-FORCE and the ECO KO are aerosols which can be used safely outside in all the cracks and crevices where lizards like to hide. Just keep the pets away from the area when treating and wait at least one hour for the application to dry and they can come back with no hazards present. As explained in our LIZARD CONTROL ARTICLE, the aerosols will reduce the local insects which is what the lizards like to eat. This same treatment also bothers lizards so this will serve as a type of insect repellent.

If these treatments aren’t strong enough, move onto the liquid CYPERMETHRIN or the NBS INSECT REPELLENT. The Cypermethrin works like the aerosols in that it kills insects and repels lizards. The NBS is only an insect repellent but it works on lizards as well. NBS won’t kill any insect as it’s not a pesticide but for repelling pests, it’s a good organic option. Both liquids should be sprayed over the siding and ground areas where you see the lizards and treatments should last 30+ days.

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