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What do you recommend for moles (I think they’re moles, anyway).  Those critters are burrowing all over my lawn…. Like walking on a sponge.



Moles will commonly forage in lawns where food is plentiful. As explained in our MOLE CONTROL ARTICLE, there are two main food supplies for moles: grubs and earth worms. During the winter, grubs are quite active and tend to feed close to the surface of the topsoil. Worms will migrate up to the surface following a lot of rain and if you irrigate your grass and/or fertilize a lot, you’re probably creating a great environment for both grubs and worms so it’s only to be expected that at some point moles would show up.

To slow mole invasion, you could opt to spray some WHOLE CONTROL after spreading out some MOLE REPELLENT. But we always suggest treating the source of the problem which is attracting the moles in the first place. In other words, apply some of the GRUB CONTROL products listed and that can many times do the trick. These treatments won’t affect the worms though they do tend to shy away from where such applications are being applied. So in summary, if you  treat for grubs you’ll reduce the mole food. This can many times solve the problem. A month or two after the initial applications are applied the use of the repellent liquid and granules can be enough to make sure the moles don’t return. If you have further questions, please give us a call on our toll free at 1-800-877-7290.

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