how to moth proof rug for storage


Good morning. I have a few wool, and silk hand made Persian rugs that I would like to moth proof, wrap and store for a long time. Would you please advise me of what do I need to do to safely moth proof along with any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

When storing fine fabric there is always a chance some pest will feed on it and cause damage. To minimize the risk of this happening, it would be best to first treat it with some Permethrin and Nylar which are featured in our Clothes Moth Control article. The rugs should be treated and allowed to thoroughly dry prior to storage. When treated with the right amount of chemical, they should be protected for 6-12 months if not longer.

If you are storing them in boxes, these too can be treated prior to storage. This will help provide extra protection. Ideally the carpets should be wrapped in plastic whether being stored in a box or a rack as this will help prevent insects from finding them in the first place.

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