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I have nats inside my home. They have caused 57 bites on my daughter. We bombed her room with the conventional sprays that you get in the store. Are you able to use any of these products inside the home. Thank you in advance for your help and any advice you may have.

Nats in the home are quite common during the spring and summer. Most every home has some plants, garbage area or some moist dark section which will enable them to live. Fortunately there are several things you can try.

First, review our on line NAT CONTROL article which lists several. The key product for use inside would be the PT-565. This material uses pyrethrin as the active and should provide a quick knockdown of all adults. It can be used inside safely and as often as needed. Most rooms will only take a quick 2-3 second blast in the open air to treat.

If you have a lot of plants and suspect this pest might be coming from the soil, you may consider getting the ORGANIC HOUSEPLANT INSECT KILLER which is Ok for use on plants as well as the open air. It won’t pose a risk to anyone, can be used as often as needed and is safe for plants. Keep in mind you will need to use a lot more of this material compared to the 565. Another inside option that’s a little stronger would be the FLYING INSECT KILLER but it’s not for use on the plants like the other one.

Use any of these aerosols over the course of the summer months and you should be able to keep the nats controlled.

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