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We have artificial turf in the backyard.  Would quick action be something we could use to get rid of the dog urine smell?  I’d need to know that it wouldn’t harm trees and shrubs whose roots may be under the turf.
Is it economical to spray on a large area?

In our ODOR CONTROL ARTICLE you’ll find a section on treating urine and feces smells from pets. The best product for this is the NNZ. It will quickly neutralize the odor and won’t pose a hazard to plants or even live grass. In this situation, with the artificial turf installed, it’s definitely the best product for the job. Mix it with water and apply it using a good PUMP SPRAYER over as much of the turf as possible. You should be able to treat 2000-3000 feet per 1/2 gallon of NNZ so it’s economical for a small to medium sized yard. And results should be noticeable in the first day; by 2-3 days, the odors should be gone.

NNZ is safe for use in the home, on the building and on the ground around the house. If you have rogue dogs coming into your yard, you’ll need to treat every 2-3 months to keep the odors down. Consider installing some of the dog repelling devices we have listed in our DOG PRODUCTS like the Ultra Sound. This can really help reduce the amount of urine and feces that will accumulate. If you have further questions or concerns, give us a call on our toll free 1-800-877-7290.

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March 3, 2011

guest @ 3:23 pm #

Hey, I’m looking for something to treat my turf. Odor is caused by dog urine and need something safe for the dog that is effective. Is this product safe to use around pets? Thanks.

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