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Something is eating my lettuce leaves and I think it’s either slugs or loopers. I know both like lettuce but I haven’t seen either. Could it be someting else and what can I spray? I don’t want to use sevein or anything else toxic. Something organic would be good.

There are several pests that commonly eat lettuce and other plants found in the garden. Sometimes it’s hard to know just what is doing all the damage but the good news is that you can get control with organic products if you just stay on top of the problem and don’t let it get too bad.

First, be sure to choose something that’s officially organic. All the products we have listed as organic are certified for organic gardening by NOP which means they’re both safe and effective. You can read more about this on our NON TOXIC PEST CONTROL site.

Second, be sure to treat the entire plant and the surrounding ground around the garden too. Since many pests live in the turf, spraying here will insure you get them where they might be nesting so none are missed. This is especially true for night feeding insects. Some good choices to use would be the MULTI PURPOSE INSECT KILLER or the 3 IN 1 FIM. Both do a good job of controlling most any garden pest and they’re safe enough to use as needed.

If it turns out you have slugs feeding on the plants, you’ll need to bait with the SLUGGO BAIT which is certified organic for garden use and safe to animals and pets. Slugs can do quite a bit of damage and since they feed at night, many times they go undetected unless you actively inspect the garden at all hours.

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