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I have a problem with the pill bugs eating my strawberries. I would rather not use an insecticide but would use one that will not get into the strawberries. Is there a product that can be used that will not stay in the fruit?? Thanks for your assistance.

You’ve got two good options for this problem. One is a true “pesticide” and the other is an organic solution that actually works well.

The stronger of the two options would be the pesticide concentrate. VEGETABLES PLUS PERMETHRIN uses Permethrin as the active ingredient and does a good job on most any garden variety pest. Most likely more of this active is used worldwide than any other pesticide and overall it’s one of the safest around. Treatments would last 7-10 days so it’s residual isn’t long enough to cause safety concerns. In other words, it won’t “get into the strawberries” but it will work on a host of nuisance pests on and around the garden. Additionally, if you treat the ground around the plants, you’ll be able to keep the pill bugs controlled in this area which will ultimately keep them off the this and neighboring plants. You’ll need a good PUMP SPRAYER to apply it and applications can be made over the course of the season as needed.

The second option would be organic. MULTI PURPOSE INSECT KILLER is very short lived with only 1 day to harvest. However, it works well on hard bodied pests like pill bugs and can be applied to strawberries and any other plant found in the average vegetable garden. This would be the “safest” option over all and there are other products listed on our NON TOXIC PEST CONTROL site that can be used if preferred. All are organic and approved for organic gardening; the Multi Purpose Insect Killer is the one we’ve found to work best on Pill Bugs.

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