rat zapper for ground squirrels



I found your site while researching problems with ground squirrels. I ordered your rat zapper and loganberry paste.

Made my first set this morning and had my first guest within 15 minutes. I actually watched the critter sniff around and then enter the zapper. He could not resist the loganberry paste – just like your site said.

Your product worked exactly as advertised. I highly recommend the zapper and loganberry combo to anyone who is having problems with ground squirrels.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

M.R., Minnesota

Thanks for the comment! The RAT ZAPPER is a great product for a quick and efficient way to control GROUND SQUIRRELS, RATS and MICE. It’s both easy to deploy and quick acting so you can many times solve a nuisance animal problem efficiently and without a lot of wasted time.

Please keep us in mind whenever you need anything pest control related; chances are high that at WWW.BUGSPRAY.COM, we’ll have the answer!! 1-800-877-7290

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