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I’ve used ronstar herbicide in the past and it’s worked well. I know as a pre emergent that there are certain times that are best to apply them. I used to get it applied by February but missed the application this year. I’m wondering if I should still apply any or will it just be a waste? And do you have a Ronstar herbicide msds sheet?

Depending on where you live, there are some weeds which will be active at different times of the year. In other words, there is probably a “great” time to apply Ronstar G to get the most benefit and then another time of the year where it will still help but maybe not as much. Remember, since many regions here in the United States will produce weed seeds and germination throughout the growing season, the impact of Ronstar can be beneificial throughout most of the year. If you live in a warm climate, you probably could benefit from such an application. Just be sure to get back to the regular cycle next season to insure you get applications done at their preferred time of the year so you can reap the biggest reward and positive impact. And we do have the Ronstar Herbicide MSDS.

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