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We just recently moved to Texas and our home has SCORPIONS.  I put glue strips out and have caught at least a dozen in a weeks time.  Some are babies.
I have an attic and have wood mulch around our home.  Should I remove the mulch?  What else should I do?  I have a contract with Terminex and they said there was nothing they could do to get rid of the scorpions.  Can you help.  I have a 5 month old grand daughter I am worried about.
Having a scorpion problem……is this something the home owner should have disclosed to us…
Thank you.

Scorpions will forage into the home if you don’t do some preventive maintenance around the house on a regular basis. As our on line article on SCORPION CONTROL details, they normally will stay outside. But if you aren’t spraying the outside of the home monthly or at least quarterly, other insects will thrive. Many of the common perimeter invaders found outside most any house are food for scorpions. Once the scorpions come around searching for food, they’ll start to nest adjacent to the home and at some point end up inside.

Since you are seeing so many inside it sounds like you’ll need to use most of the products we have listed on our SCORPION PRODUCTS PAGE. I recommend you apply the DELTAGARD GRANULES around the outside turf, especially in the mulch, and then spray with the CYKICK CS. Inside you should set out some of our SCORPION TRAPS as well as spray with some of the Cykick. If you have an attic or crawl space and suspect they are living in either, be sure to dust with the ECO EXEMPT DUST for long term control.

On a side note, there is no need to remove the mulch. Treating it with the Deltagard and spraying over it with the Cykick will keep it insect/scorpion free.

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