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I have a section of roof which is cedar and I think springtails are nesting under the layers. Is it possible for some kind of food to be in the wood?

Springtails love to live with moisture and food. Rooftops will commonly accumulate moisture which in turn can grow mold and algae. This mold and algae is ideally suited for springtail food and for this reason, springtails can easily live on the roof tops of houses which have this condition.

To end this problem, you will first need to take away the springtail food supply. This can be done by treating the shakes with MOSS AND ALGAE KILLER. This product can be sprayed out over the roof top with just a garden hose and should help quite a bit.

To control the springtail problem, you should first review our online article about SPRINGTAIL CONTROL. In the article, you’ll learn about all the inside treating that should be done. One of the products, DELTAMETHRIN DUST, is good to use on the roof as well. I suggest you treat as many places as you can including the ground, siding, foundation and rooftop. The roof should be treated using the HAND DUSTER to get the dust up under the shingles as deep as possible. Then spraying the CYONARA RTS over the top would also help.

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