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Hi Jonathan,
Which  product should I use for indoor control of stink bugs now? This is the 2nd year of infestation and we have not treated outdoors or indoors.I have been picking the stink  bugs up by hand to remove them from inside. Thank you for any help.

If you review our STINKBUG CONTROL ARTICLE, you’ll see we list many products for use indoors. The most common product is the D-FORCE AEROSOL; I like the PT-PHANTOM since it goes on “dry” and is completely odorless. But as explained in our article, if you don’t treat the outside with the CYPERMETHRIN this spring when they leave, they will certainly come back again next fall. Stink bugs will make your home their home if you let them have their way and since your problem is seemingly getting worse, a good outside treatment is definitely needed to solve the infestation.

Here are direct links to the items listed above:

We also have a complete organic solution posted here:


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