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I’ve got a few stink bugs hanging around my house and some have made it inside my attic. I’m hoping you have a natural product I can use to repel them. I’m looking for something I can sprinkle up there which will last a long time and make it so they don’t want to stay inside.

The best natural product you can use to repel stink bugs would be DIATOMACEOUS EARTH. It’s all natural and acts as a dessicant on insects. This means it dehydrates or dries them up. Anywhere you apply the DE Dust the stink bugs will avoid. It’s great for attic spaces but can also be used outside the home, up under siding, where they’re active and entering.

To apply it thoroughly in the attic, use a DUSTIN MIZER or GILMOR PUMP DUSTER. Make sure you blanket the area as shown in the dusting video for these two units. In most situations, you should be able to dust the entire attic without having to walk around much which means you won’t have to take any risk of falling through the ceiling.

For the outside, get a HAND DUSTER and apply the dust up under the siding where the stink bugs like to nest and rest. Stink bugs are hardy and strong and live from year to year by finding a good place to overwinter or hibernate. Homes are ideal for them and when they first start moving inside, you have no idea the invasion has even started. Within a year or two there could be thousands and if left untreated, they’ll soon be in the living spaces of the house. If you’re facing a bad infestation, you may want to review our STINK BUG CONTROL ARTICLE for a more detailed explanation of their biology and what must be done to get rid of an established population. If you’re seeing them inside, it’s quite possible you’ll need to do more than just the dusting method outlined above.

If you have further questions or concerns, give us a call on our toll free an we’ll be glad to assist. Stink bugs are an invasive pest and if left untreated can be a big nuisance.

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