stink bug odor


oooo GOD.. I hate HATE these critters!!!   They really ‘see’ well too!!

Tell me.. if you know.. what does that odor they emit smell like?  A few times I smelled something like some sort of moth ball.. is it like that at all?



I can’t say I’ve had anyone describe the odor to be like moth balls but most people seem to think stink bugs smell like skunk or something decaying or even dead. Others have said the odor is like similar to cabbage, rutabagas and even some spices like cilantro. Remember, smell is a personal thing and will most certainly vary from person to person. Also, there are a few different species of stink bugs here in the US which could mean different odors. But the one common thread is that most everyone seems to think the smell is bad.

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January 24, 2011

guest @ 12:01 am #

Dear Sir or Madam:

We live in northern Maryland, an area which has been hard hit with these asian stinkbugs, thanks to our Wal Mart nation.

We have a bedroom which has smelled of stinkbugs for three months and we are unable to sleep in this bedroom. The stinkbugs are obviously dying and spraying their foul odor in the walls or in our attic insulation as they aren’t visible in the room. We have removed maybe 20 at most in the room but there aren’t any more and haven’t been for some time (visible). I have tried to freeze them out by opening windows, running ceiling fans as well as our whole house attic fan (we are in our sub-freezing time of year) and may well have been somewhat successful, however, as they die their odor is horrible and I cannot take any more.

We have had pest control people here and they put powder in the attic and that may have helped with destroying the bugs but they don’t know what to do about the odor. The University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service told me to spray Febreeze. For the love of God this is beyond drug store solutions. In any event, at this point we just want to absorb the odor so we can live in our house. It’s a horrible, horrible odor and we are grateful it’s only in one room of the house but not so grateful that it’s in our bedroom. Anyway, the odor is intermittent – meaning I think that as the stinkbugs die they are spraying, stinking up the whole attic space above this room.

Before going the foamer in the wall, or fogging machine in the attic route, we are thinking to try the Odor Destroyer (775232), Odor Neutralizer (771170) and/or Air Sponges (777105) but will defer to your recommendation.

Thanks and I hope you can help us stop sleeping on sofas and get back into our room :).

September 4, 2012

reez @ 2:13 am #

Just sitting here in my living room in the dark and killed something on my arm. Didn’t think it was a bug, didn’t know what it was. It smelled like skunk so am guessing it was a stink bug.

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