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Hey Guy, I’ve had a stink bug problem for 3 years now ever since i bought a x-mas tree which without knowing was infested with them. anyway, i had the exterior of my home sprayed a few years ago and i did nothing.  is there some sort of bug bomb i can set off to fog the whole house? my home is fairly large and almost 100 years old so there’s a ton of cracks and crevices’ where they can be. i find them in every room in my house. Please help if you can.

There is no type of “stinkbug bomb” available and there won’t ever be. Since this pest will nest in wall voids, attics and any other space most any home contains, they will live and thrive until you get them where it counts. These areas are not accessible by any kind of total release aerosol (bomb) so this is not an optional product that can be used successfully fo stinkbug control.

What does work is the exterior treatment and void treatments explained in our STINKBUG CONTROL article. Use the D-FORCE AEROSOL inside for crack and crevice treatments and you’ll reduce this number to just a few. Over the course of a year or so most any home can get the entire population controlled if the outside and voids are treated as we explain in our article. Failure to comply means you’ll have them indefinitely and this is whether your home is 1 or 100 years old; all houses are subject to their invading behavior.

Stinkbug Control Article:

D-Force Aerosol:

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