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Will your triple pyrethrum shampoo kill seed ticks on my puppy and how do you get them to fall off?

As explained in our TICK CONTROL article, most ticks are reluctant to let go of their host. In this case that would be your puppy. The use of products like TRIPLE PYRETHRIN SHAMPOO or PETCOR can really help. They’ll get the ticks to release and eventually kill them. That’s because the Pyrethrin is extremely irritable to most any pest and ticks hate it.

Use the Triple Pyrethrin Shampoo to bath your pet every 1-2 weeks. use the Petcor as needed. This could be a couple of times a week if you keep finding ticks and if that keeps happening, consider doing some of the treatments outlined in our article. Reducing the ticks around the yard is really the best overall way to solve the problem and in doing so, you’ll note a lot less getting on you pet.

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