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Dear Sir / Madam,

I’m an amateur photographer trying to specialise in nature topics. I am very interested in all sort of insects, specially butterflies. I have read that butterflies are attracted to wolf urine and found your shop item “Timberwolf urine”. Is this product useful for my purposes? There’s another question about sending your products to my country. I live in Spain and have no clue about regulations for such a thing. Do you have any information about it? And the shipping charges? Thank you so much in advance.

We have had customers tell us that butterflies are attracted to our TIMBERWOLF URINE but have never really tested it out. Apparently there are some people out there saying butterflies are attracted to some kinds of urine and feces and that by setting some out, you can attract butterflies to gardens and other areas. This seems to be especially true when using Timberwolf Urine so if you decide to get some, we have it in TIMBERWOLF URINE PINTS and can usually get gallons upons special order if it’s available.

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