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I have tiny, tiny ants, hardly visible and have tried Terro, and an ant & roach spray. They are in my kitchen, around my stove and microwave. I would appreciate any advice from you as to how to get rid of them. Thank you.

Ant problems are generally best treated by using bait inside where you see them and spraying the outside only. As explained in our ANT CONTROL article, spraying inside will tend to create more of a problem. Since most all sprays will kill quickly, the ants you spray will die and this alerts the rest of the colony that there is something wrong. The end result is that they’ll stay away from the treated area and just appear somewhere else. And many times this reappearance is actually a new nest created by the “separation” of the colony caused directly by the liquid spraying done to the few foraging workers you saw.

Since you’ve already sprayed inside, I fear you’ve created some satellite nest “budding” and at this time probably have multiple nests active. And once this happens, baiting is not nearly as effective. But what is effective is a new spray that takes a long time to work. PT-PHANTOM is an aerosol you can use that has proven highly effective on most any insect including ants. Because it takes several days to have an impact, treated areas will go unnoticed. Additional benefits are that it’s odorless and when applied properly, is pretty much a “dry” aerosol. Ants typically will walk over treatments without concern or being afraid; they don’t even know it’s there. And while walking on treated surfaces they’ll be picking up the active ingredient. Upon returning to their colony, they’ll be “sharing” the chemical with other members of the nest. The end result is usually devasting and before they know what’s happening, the nest will be shut down.

I suggest you go with this product since you’ve already sprayed inside. I’m certain a good application throughout all the rooms in the house will lay down a good residual so that no matter where they appear, they’ll surely walk over a treated area. Within 1-2 weeks, all nests will be affected and should shut down. This spring and summer you’ll need to get on the Ant Control program detailed in our article link above and if you stay with the outside treatments over the course of the summer, you should be able to keep them out of the home for good. If you have further questions or concerns, please give us a call on our toll free 1-800-877-7290.

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