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I am seeing small tiny black beetles on the wall of my living room. They crunch when I squish them. Where are they coming from? I don’t see them anywhere else.

Most likely Black Carpet Beetles. These are small, round, mostly black to all black beetles which eat fabric like the kind used for carpeting, furniture, etc. Their laval stage is a small, hairy worm like creature which will reside deep down in the carpeting hidden from view. This is the stage that will feed and do all the damage to the targeted fabric. Once they eat enough they’ll spin a cocoon, morph into an adult beetle and emerge to seek a mate. You’re seeing the last stage of this pest and if you want to get rid of them, you’ll need to start treating the carpeting and furniture with some of the products listed in our BLACK CARPET BEETLE CONTROL article.

In most cases, spraying the carpeting with TEMPO and an IGR will do the job. You should also set out some TRAPS throughout the home to insure they’re not living elsewhere. Black carpet beetles will many times get into closets where they can destroy a lot of fabric causing expensive damage to suits and other fine clothing.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Tempo:  http://www.bugspraycart.com/insecticide/liquid/tempo-sc-8-oz

Nylar: http://www.bugspraycart.com/insecticide/igr/igr-nylar

Black Carpet Beetle Traps: http://www.bugspraycart.com/traps/pheromone-and-food/black-carpet-beetle-traps

Black Carpet Beetles:  http://www.bugspray.com/black-carpet-beetle-control.html

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