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For the past few days there has been these tiny bugs coming from my sink. At first I thought they were going to the sink – now I think they’re coming up from the pipes!! Is this possible? I’ve tried pouring bleach down the drain but that doesn’t seem to help. These are small insects that kind of look like fleas but there are thousands in my two sinks pretty much every day.

You most likely have springtails. This insect becomes very active in the spring but once the get established, they can remain active all year. They’re small and some stages definitely look like a flea. The good news is that they don’t bite like a flea. The bad news is that once they start emerging, it means there is a good chance they’ll get established in the drain line and keep coming until you treat. More information on them can be found in ourĀ SPRINGTAIL CONTROL ARTICLE, which details all you need to know about controlling the problem. As you’ll learn, they typically come from the soil around the home and from there, can get established in drain lines, baseboards, etc. So for now, you need to kill off the active population coming up out of the sink. This can be done with PT-221. Labeled for use down drains, it will quickly kill all active stages and should be used any time you see them emerging. This might be 1-2 a day to start. After that, once a week to keep them under control so they don’t get established again. It will only take 5-6 seconds of spraying to treat any drain and this should be done in the evening if possible to let it sit overnight.




Next, apply SURVIVORS once a week to help remove any food or nest sites that might exist. Survivors will “eat” slime and organic buildup which will effectively take away their nest sites. This in turn will prevent them from getting established in the drain. Use Survivors once a week and again, treat in the evening prior to retiring so the treatment can sit all night long and work for a few hours at least.



Ultimately, springtail control can be best achieved by killing them where they coming from and in most cases, this will be the outside areas around the home. For this, a combination of BIFEN GRANULES and CYONARA RTS will be best suited. Apply the Bifen G once a month and get as much of the turf treated. At least a 10 foot wide band but the more the better.




Cyonara should then be applied over the granules and on the homes foundation and siding too. This will help by killing any active on the top soil or structure. Use this once a month too but if you see activity, spray again. So for the first month or two, you may need to spray 2-3 times a month.



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April 15, 2014

Melanie @ 9:46 pm #

I get these little black bugs every year around spring. I have them now. I just keep spraying insect spray at night and eventually they go away.

April 16, 2014
June 22, 2014

terrytt @ 10:49 pm #

I have brown recluses in my bath room sink, tub and kitchen sink. I live in an apt. I heard if I get it sprayed they will be back..I stay away sometimes. These spiders are gross I don’t want use my bathroom any more…

June 23, 2014
December 29, 2016

Jessica @ 3:59 am #

I have tiny crawling bugs in my bathroom. They are soo small you can hardly see them.They are in the sink mostly but I see them in my shower and on my bathroom walls. I have even seen what looks to be the same kind of bug on my wooden railing on my back porch. They are a light brown color move pretty slowly and I usually only see a few here and there. They are smaller than a flea. They will crawl onto my phone or onto me if they get a chance but do not seem to bite. I have never seen any springtails or silverfish in my home. Please help!

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