white pines with borers


I have 2 beautiful 20 year old white pines in my front pasture in Virginia. The largest tree shows signs of borers with sap dripping from some holes. Is fall too late to treat? Should I treat in early spring of 2010………………please let me know. Thank you.

J. C.

There are many species of beetles and weevils that can live in a tree. Pine trees seem to be a common target and what you have found is not necessarily the end for your two trees. The good news is that pine trees are resilient and if the infestation is small, many times it can can be managed and defeated. The key is making sure it doesn’t spread quickly or to surrounding trees.

And even though the larvae feeding may be hard to kill, you are still able to treat with many of the products (Cypermethrin or Cykick) listed in our PINE BORER CONTROL article to slow and even stop the spread. You said you see signs but you don’t state if there is only 2-3 holes or 20-30+. This is to be considered and pretty much the main factor when deciding if you should treat now or not. Small infestations can usually be controlled by actively spraying the bark and if there is only a little bit of activity, treat now for sure. Treatments should be done every couple of months once detected until you note the activity ceases. But if you have 25 or more holes and the tree is showing signs of succumbing to the invasion, it’s probably too late.

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