white flies on meyers lemon tree


My lemon tree is alone in a separate area in my back yard. I live in Tampa, FL, and have had planted and yield grapefruit, oranges and limes. This lemon tree is about 4 years old, and I bought it about 2 ½ years ago. It arrived with fruit growing on it, but after it was planted, I removed all the fruit as instructed by the grower. It has never flowered since, although it has lots of leaves, and is definitely growing. I noticed some of the leaves were curling, and not looking typical, so I sprayed the tree with diluted liquid dish soap, as previously advised for another issue with an orange tree a few years ago, and it had worked. I had a similar issue with my orange tree 19 years ago, so I thought soap and patience would once again bring us fruit eventually.

I looked at the lemon tree today, and realized it has some kind of blight or bug. My internet research brought me to the White fly diagnosis, and I found your website. I liked the fog idea, but your website keeps mentioning greenhouses. I don’t have to worry about smell, however, it is in an alcove, that is surrounded on 3 sides by walls of our house, and the fourth side goes to a small lawn. Although we do not go back there much in the summer, the lawn is our dog’s place to relieve herself, and I would worry about the effects of any treatment on her presence nearby. She is a small Pekingese, and rarely goes near the tree, but I want to be sure she isn’t affected by any chemical.

Please help me decide what to get to rid our Meyer Lemon Tree of these White Flies.

Based on several factors, I feel the best solution would be the 3 IN ONE concentrate we have featured on our NON TOXIC PEST CONTROL website. This unique formulation is organic and won’t pose any damage to people, pets or the plant itself. More importantly, it’s designed to handle insects, mite and fungus. This means it would be ideal for whatever is causing all the problems for your lemon tree.

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August 2, 2011

Fikiru Wakoya @ 6:50 am #

Hi Dear!
What I have comment is not as such but I have one question about white fly. The problems is on orange tree. Especially on the leaf. It’s all white covered by white wax or silk like structure of insects.
My question is how to control the insects. I think it is white fly insect butterfly I don’t know which species.

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